Course and Activity Dates

As yet I don’t have a fancy one click booking system, perhaps I never will.  The courses and activities below marked “Spaces Avalable” are open for bookings – just send me an email and I will get back to you and we can start the process of putting together the experience you are looking for.

At any one time some of the dates below may be closed or full, sorry about that – if it looked interesting and you can’t find anything similar on the list send me an email and we can see if we can sort something out.


19 To 27 Mar 17. Winter. Crossing Hardangervidda. Closed.

7 to 9 Apr 17.  Winter.  Snow hole weekend with DNT Oslo. See their web page for details and booking. Space Avalable I think.

22 to 23 Apr 17. Canoe Grunnkurs With DNT Oslo. Its not  a pure Canoe for Kayak folk course but Kayak paddlers are particularly welcome on this weekend.

20 to 21 May 17.  Canoe Grunnkurs With DNT Oslo.  Likely to be at Bogstadvannet, Oslo.

22, 23, 29 and 30 May 17.  Canoe Intro Course with DNT Oslo. Likely to be at Sørenga right in the heart of Oslo.

17 to 18 Jun 17.  Canoe Grunkurs with Evian Fritid.  See or call 004732876922. 

7 to 13 Jul 17. Sea Kayak.  Lofoten with Kajakknord.  Å to Værøy.  See their web page for details and booking.

15 to 21 Jul. Sea kajak. Lofoten with Kajakknord, I think this one will be a round trip around Moskenes Island.  See their web page for details and booking.